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Photographer, visual artist and filmmaker.
1986 - Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil

Visual artist and filmmaker. Photography is my main focus. I currently live and works in the city of Sao Paulo. I completed my degree in Photography at Senac - SP in 2011, and soon invested in the connection of the still image with the movement through the specialization in Communication and Practices of Production and Image: Photography and Audiovisual, by UPM (Mackenzie), in 2016. Now, I dedicate a special interest to practices and alternative photography processes, both those arising from the 19th century and other activities made possible by modern technology. Over the past few years I got nominated for national and international awards and participated in four group exhibitions in Brazil. In my audiovisual career, I was part of the team of the short film Helena, awarded in 2019 in the categories of best cinematography and best costume at the Criancine and Dália da Serra Film Festival - 12th Curta Taquary exhibitions in Pernambuco. I was responsible for the still photography of the short film 'Ouroboros', awarded in two exhibitions: best fiction film and best screenplay at the 1st Rondônia Film Festival - CINE RO (2021), and best makeup at the 5th Petit Pavê - Curitiba Independent Film Festival (2021).


Photography found me at a young age. When I was 9 years old I got my first camera. At 12, the second - which I carry with me until today, and it still works. Both gifts were from my older sister. I also grew up around music. My father, a music lover and amatour composer; and an excellent guitar player, and my sister who is also a musician. From my childhood I bring fundamental influences to my artistic production. I have a special interest in poetry, influence by my father's writings; for the plants and flowers, with which I still maintain visual and tactile contact to the credit of my mother and maternal and paternal grandparents; by astronomy and the gentle memory of looking at the sky, searching its depths to enter its shadows; for the idea of being part of nature and, therefore, feeling connected to the cosmos, to the foliage, to the earth, opening space for what I call spirituality. This childlike dedication came through my images, but mainly my creative process, endowing it with an energy impregnated with integration, intuition and, at the same time, solitude. Since I was a child, I brought with me the desire to travel, to cross borders. With painting and cinema I nurture even more the desire to break surfaces, bodies, feelings, imaginary dividing lines. Much of my artwork carries transit within it, whether this is an exclusively internal or physical movement. I'm interested in the journey as much as the origin and destination. From the places and paths, I collect materials with which I produce my images. Curious and restless, I research different ways of producing images: anthotype, cyanotype, infrared, collage, embroidery, mixing, intervention, painting, audiovisual, astrophotography, analog and digital photography. There is a preference for external places and landscapes, because in them I find comfort to meditate on everything that affects me. This is perhaps the main key to my artwork: being affected. I try, somehow, to build a habitable world in my images. For me, and for anyone else.